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Ron Coluccio, Springfiield's Best Realtor!

Ron Coluccio, GRI
Murney Associates


BA Economics; Minor in Math—Magna Cum Laude
4.5 years Active Military, US Army—2 Tours in Viet Nam
17 Years Real Estate Experience
Certified Residential Specialist
Graduate of Realtor Institute
Community Volunteer
20 Years Corporate sales
Married with 2 Adult Children

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FAQ’s for Buyers:

If I’m buying a home, do I need a realtor?

NO! However if you wish to have the opportunity to make an informed decision about the tens or hundreds of thousand you are about to invest, then it is a very wise decision to consult with a professional REALTOR. You should be aware of trends in the market beyond the obvious buyer or seller market conditions. You may want to know what areas provide the most stable neighborhoods and those with the greater upside in appreciation. It is your home, but it is also a major investment affecting your future net worth.

Is it important to have the house inspected if it’s a newly built home?

YES! It may surprise you to know that some counties have no building codes!  Areas with building codes and subsequent construction inspections, provides a certain level of comfort to the buyer. But it does not speak to the quality of workmanship of the house, the work done by sub contractors etc.

If the seller promises verbally that the home needs no repairs; is the seller then bound by law to fix anything needing repairs?

Real Estate Law is clear that all parts of the contract should be in writing in order to be enforceable.  Verbal contracts are not valid. Common sense would lead you to be aware that if a dispute arises, it will be one person’s word against another.  Besides, there is often something that needs repairing or replacing in the home.  And think for a moment, do you really want to go to court?

Isn’t the seller automatically required to disclose everything about the home to me?

If a REALTOR is involved, then a set of Seller’s Disclosures is required to be filled out by the seller. Furthermore, under ideal circumstances, any disclosures that were named when the current owner was purchasing the home should be brought forth as well.  Non disclosure is the fertile ground for future litigation. It is good business and morally sound for the seller to disclose….disclose….disclose!

Is there a best time of the year to buy a home?

I get this question often; my experience is that the months of November thru February can produce the best deals. The down side is that inventory levels are often at their lowest levels.





FAQ’s for Sellers:

Should I make repairs?

Good question! I take this on a case by case basis. Making the necessary repairs certainly can assist in getting the top dollar for your home and often in the shortest amount of marketing time.  The last four or so years of foreclosure properties pouring on to the market seems to have made the buying public more receptive to distressed properties.  There is a certain group of buyers that concentrate on this niche market, but most buyers do not have the funds to bring the home up to the standards desired or, the type of loan program will not be suited for a distressed home.  Keep in mind though; a home needing repairs can sell well below the market average. Buyers tend to over -estimate the cost of repairs.

Why should I stage my home?

A properly stage home will present your home to prospective buyers as having a comfortable feel, or a sense of a calming flow of the living areas or increase the perceptive of space.  Properly staged homes tend to bring a higher selling price and in an otherwise shorter marketing period. The goal is to “Wow” the buyers, and that is often done as a result of proper staging. Staging also applies to the outside of the home as well-an area often overlooked by the seller and realtor as they prep the home for sale.  Curb appeal is a huge emotional factor for the buyer to arrange a showing.

Do I have to disclose everything to a buyer?

This is a no brainer…….Disclose…Disclose…Disclose!!!!! If you do not, you face the possibility of future litigation. No one wants to feel that they have been lied to or have been taken advantage of.  Spend your future time enjoying life, not going to court.

Shouldn’t I be there when my home is shown?

You being in the home while it is being shown is rarely a good idea. The buyer can be uncomfortable when the owner is present and cut short the viewing. A slip of the tongue by either party can cause a rise of unwanted emotions and/or a serious reduction in the selling price.

Is there a best time of the year to put my home on the market?

Another good question and one I get regularly.  Again, it is on a case by case basis. For instance, a family with school age children really want to move as the school year is over giving plenty of time to settle in before classes start. Situations like relocation, health/wellness, getting married and having a baby don’t necessarily have a time frame. Those folks could find themselves in the market at any time of the year. To me, my experience says that regardless of time, try and make the necessary repairs, have the home staged, and most of all the home must be properly priced before the sign goes up in the yard.